Stax FAQ’s

What does the band provide?

Stax provide all of our own sound equipment and lighting so you don’t need to worry about organising anything else (unless you have a bizarre desire for pyrotechnics?!)

How loud do you play?

Stax always want our audiences to get up and have a good boogie to their music, therefore this requires a reasonable volume. However, we appreciate that a band that is too loud can spoil it for everyone so we try to be sympathetic to the event and the people in the room.

How long does the band take to set up?

Ideally the band will need 90 minutes to set up and thoroughly soundcheck and ensure the best possible performance. We understand that timings can run tight on the day so, if needed, we can try to minimize set up to an hour if all runs smoothly. Please ensure that when planning your event, you allow enough time for this, as a decent set up is vital to the band providing you with the best entertainment possible. Ideally your guests will not be in the room during set up and sound-check as this allows us to focus on preparing properly to ensure the best results for you.

Stax Band Requirements

Food and drink

We don’t expect a three course meal, and we don’t drink on the job but please consider the journey time we have taken to get to you, and the fact that once we arrive at the venue it’s all systems go with set up, soundcheck and performances without a minute to spare. So we do appreciate some sort of refreshment somewhere along the way. None of us are divas and we won’t ever provide you with a rider, but it really is true that a happy and well looked after band will always result in the best performances!


Stage / Performance Area

A minimum performance area of 6m x 3m, preferably a stage. A safe supply of electricity terminating on or near the stage area.

Changing Area

We’ll need to change clothes before going on stage so a secure changing room, large enough for 7 people would be great.


We’ll need easy access to the venue, so, if appropriate, car parking spaces for a minimum of 3 vehicles should be made available.